Greg Warren Band - House of Blues / Orlando-FL Feb. 18th,2012

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Full house...Lots of fun and great music.
These guys "rock" !!!

Band members:

Greg Warren; Mario Ticlea; Ian Budha; Rick Dotchin;

Jaron Clark and Mitch Michaels.

Greg Warren is the singer; songwriter & rhythm guitar player:

Jaron Clark plays the fidle:


Rick Dotchin is the bass player:

Mario Ticlea is the lead guitar player:

Ian Budha plays drums:

Mitch Michaels is the acoustic guitar player:

Here is the link to Greg Warren's page... 
Check it out for updates and great tunes that can be downloaded for FREE.


  1. Great pictures......Awesome!!!!!

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  3. Loved the pictures, Marta! I'm sure it wast easy with the very active subjects and combination of lighting (or lack there of...).

  4. Adorei as fotos. Algumas ficaram ótimas justamente por ter pouca luz. As fotos em preto e branco são sensacionais. Parabéns, bjus. Mayra Severino

  5. Parabéns pelo trabalho! As fotos estão lindas! Bjs.
    Ana Maria Severino Silva

  6. Excelente trabalho Marta! As fotos estão ótimas. Parabéns.

  7. Great shots! You caught the feel of HOB excellently! :) They look like a fun band.

  8. fantastic set! it must be just wonderful to go to these concerts all of the time. so much fun!